Ready-to-Wear Couture

Polar Star Aquamarine pendant...

Magic Fern Sapphire Deco ring...

"Barie" drop earrings e7776

"Late Night in Paris"...

Detachable drop earrings e7604

Exclusive Heidy™ ring r7768

Cold Fusion™ halo ring r7805

The "Magic Blue Pill" micro...

Brooklyn Twins II e8041

"Waterfall" earrings e7790



Hand-forged and bench-made jewelry


We specialize in bench-made, hand forged jewelry that is made without use of molds, casting, or computer modeling.

Jewelry created by a craftsman using only traditional tools is called bench-made. We cut, saw, bend, forge, hammer, grind, file, and solder the shapeless clump of metal into an intricate symphony of intersecting galleries, prongs, and joints.



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Signature Process

Every piece of jewelry tells a story. Our story is transforming raw concepts and vague ideas into flawless creations far exceeding anything you can find elsewhere in quality, style and precision. We are bespoke jewelry designers and manufacturers.

Our time-proven workflow process of putting together a custom piece from raw concept to spectacular finish has your best interests in mind. The stress and anxiety of diamond shopping should not test your will for a committed relationship.

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