True Antique™ Cushion Cut


Antique cushion

The antique cushion cut diamond is a classic and timeless jewel. Its pillow-shaped outline, soft, rounded corners, small table, high crown, and large open culet are easily distinguished from other diamond cuts.


The GIA classifies the diamond cut as "Old Mine" cut or "Old Miner." Their traditional pillow-shaped outline conveys the beauty and romantic appeal of the bygone era. The antique cushions were designed to burst alive with intense fire at the times when candlelight was still the primary source of indoor illumination.

No other diamond cut can replicate the Antique cushion's prized mix of fragmented brilliance and extreme dispersion. Antique cushions' high-contrast faceting mutes the color perception, which expands the spectrum of stones perceived as white.

Antique cushions are extremely rare. There are only a few antique cushions on the market for every thousand modern cushions. At any given time there are only a small number of antique cushions are available. In high jewelry, an antique cushion cut is the most desirable cushion cut.

Cushion brilliant

In a nutshell, the cushion brilliants are round brilliants with a pillow-like cushion shape. Their faceting arrangement is very similar to the round brilliant.


The pavilion facets originate at the culet and extend to the girdle in a star-like fashion. The great majority of cushion brilliants are modern cushions, but they rarely have a "crushed ice" appearance, unlike modified cushions. Cushion brilliant cut is less common and sold at a premium.

When all except one is true, the stone is classified as cushion brilliant:

  • the table over 53%
  • slightly large culet
  • crown angle over 40°
  • lower halves 60% or less 

Cushion modified

The modified cushion cut is essentially a radiant cut with rounded corners: same outline, different faceting. 


All modified cushions are grouped as modern cushions known for their excessive brilliance without a contrast that results in a "crushed ice" look. The majority of modified cushions have four protruding bulges on the pavilion that make concealing the metalwork difficult.


True Antique™ Cushion Cut

The classic cushion classified by GIA as the "Old Mine" diamond is the original cushion cut developed a few centuries ago. The world's most famous diamonds, including the Hope Diamond, are Old Miners.

Leon Mege True Antique™ cushion diamonds are cut in New York by a family of artisan diamond cutters who mastered diamond cutting for several generations. These are not vintage stones or stones taken out of old jewelry. These are new stones cut by Leon Mege in New York in various grades, sizes, proportions, and ratios. It takes on average 30% longer to cut an antique cushion diamond. 

The same piece of rough yields about 10-15% smaller antique cushion than a modified cushion. They are premium stones that command higher prices due to their exceptional beauty, higher production cost, and an extremely limited inventory.

We cut our True Antique™ cushions entirely by hand, using the same techniques old miners were cut hundred years ago. Our diamonds must fit rigorous requirements to their geometry. 

A proper balance between brilliance and dispersion is the hallmark of every True Antique™ cushion diamond. The True Antique™ cushion is the only authentic cushion diamond in the world. Not every classic cushion can pass the rigorous requirements we bestow upon our special selection. 

The True Antique™ Cushion Diamond is perfect for surrounding it with a diamond halo. The antique cushion's steep crown angle surrounded by a micro pave skirt is stunningly beautiful.

The True Antique™ cushions are an excellent choice for solitaire or a three-stone ring, especially those with pave on the ring's basket. It is easier to conceal metalwork under Antique cushions because their pavilions are not deep like those on modern cushions. The low sitting girdles of Antique cushions allow for shorter prongs, so less of the stone is blocked from the side view. 

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